Ruckus Networks Introduces New Multi-gigabit Network Access Solutions

Ruckus Networks, the acquisition of which by CommScope was recently completed, announced on the 24th of June that it would be introducing two new solutions to its product portfolio of multigigabit network access. The firm is now launching the R750 WiFi 6 Access Point and the ICX 7150-C10zp switch. Additionally, a SmartZone Network Controller - which is a unified platform for managing Ruckus access points and switches - and the IoT Controller will also be launched. 


Ruckus Networks Expands Line of Hospitality Connectivity Solutions

Ruckus Networks, the acquisition of which by CommScope was recently completed, announced on the 17th of June that it would be expanding its line of hospitality connectivity solutions. The new introductions include a fiber switch, compact switch and Fiber Backpack, designed to support the H510 access point. The Ruckus Fiber Backpack is a portable and easily deployable fiber-to-Earth media converter. 


CommScope's Shareholders' Meeting Results

On the 21st of June, CommScope announced that its shareholders accepted four proxy proposals offered up by the firm during the annual meeting. As a result, Marvin Edwards, Claudius Watts and Timothy Yates were elected for another term as 3rd Class Directors for the firm leading up to 2022. Additionally, the shareholders also ratified the firm’s 2019 Long-Term Incentive Plan.

Ericsson LG Introduces Solutions to Support 5G Broadband Development

In response to recent forecast of the increase of estimated 5G broadband users by 2024, Ericsson LG has introduced additions to its solutions supporting the 5G key-players, namely its flagship New Radio (NR) software which can be deployed on the firm’s existing hardware to increase opportunities for the frontrunners of the industry by optimizing the technology and infrastructure they use. 


Ericsson LG Increases 5G User Expectation by 2024

In late June, Ericsson LG announced that it has increased its expected 5G subscriptions based on user data. The firm expects 1.9 billion users by the end of 2024, and additionally, estimates that by the same year, 45% of the world’s population would have made the switch to 5G broadband. The firm’s EVP, Fredrik Jejdling, commented that “the full benefits of 5G can only be reaped with the establishment of a solid ecosystem in which technology, regulatory, security, and industry partners all have a part to play”, which is Ericsson LG’s focus for development. 


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