Modern Slavery Disclosure Statement
Approved by Board of Directors on 17th of January, 2019

Structure & Supply Chains

Denirello is a firm that prides itself on acting as a partner and supplier of products of technological nature. The supply chain is focused on connecting end users and other businesses with the manufacturing firms. A full list of firms Denirello acts as a distributor for can be found at the following link:

Denirello is an SMB (small-medium business), employing 50 employees in accordance and compliance with fair and ethical employment practices outlined in the firmís Compliance statement, which can be found at the following link:

Policies on Modern Slavery

Denirello opposes Modern Slavery, as outlined under Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act (2015) and ensures that it fully complies with international regulations and policies in order to prevent it within our firm.

Denirello is committed to ensuring that our business practices are ethical and that our corporate practices are in compliance with the Ten United Nations Global Compact Principles. Furthermore, our business practices are in conduct with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Rio Declaration on the Environment & Development, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and the Ethical Charter of IT Management.

Denirello ensures that the firmís employment policies are in-line with international standards, based on the principles of mutual respect and non-discriminatory equal treatment employment practices.

As previously stated, the firm is committed to ethical business practices and conducts business in accordance with ethical standards. Denirello complies strictly with regulations on bribery, corruption and prohibited business practices.

The firm commits to develop, implement and follow set-out Compliance principles, through ensuring that key principles are met, as outlined in the Compliance statement. More detail is available at the following link:

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

Denirello acknowledges and appreciates the risks associated with human trafficking, and is taking the following steps to prevent, identify, and rectify any acts of Modern Slavery within its supply chain:

  • The firmís employees follow a strict ethical code of conduct, as aforementioned, in all of their interactions and decision-making.
  • The firm routinely conducts assessments of the risk of Modern Slavery and takes appropriate measures to minimize the risk.
  • If breaches are discovered, the firm takes corrective action by reporting the case and submitting itself to review. Alongside produced a correction action plan for any non-conformities.

Denirello and its employees also endeavor to report any case of Modern Slavery to the relevant authorities and to prevent any obstruction of justice in that case.

Effectiveness Measures

Denirello aims to have the appropriate measures in place in order to measure the effectiveness of its efforts to prevent Modern Slavery and to identify any potential trouble areas. The firm endeavors to develop and implement a comprehensive performance indicator system to measure the effectiveness of prevention in the future as it continues to develop and grow.

However, Denirello is committed to disclosing any instances if any of Modern Slavery that it identifies within its supply chain to the relevant authorities, in compliance with its policies.

Training for Staff

Denirello is committed to ensuring that Modern Slavery is prevented in the future and considers education and training to be of utmost importance. Since Denirello is an SMB with no manufacturing or direct-commerce distribution, the firm commits to maintaining good awareness amongst its own employees of the cause.

The firm strives to organize educational training sessions for its employees on the topic of Modern Slavery; these seminars will cover recognizing it, guidelines of ethical conduct in employment practices, and the firmís methodology for reporting the violation of those guidelines. This is oriented at improving awareness of Modern Slavery and preventing it.

Furthermore, for future Modern Slavery statements, the firm seeks to gain more understanding into the opinions of its employees, and any other information that is not currently reported. For this purpose, Denirello commits to periodically poll its employees on the aforementioned.

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